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Our Programs

Infant Massage  – for parents with infants 0 – 10 months.  This five session program builds on the attachment between parent and child and teaches techniques to help with teething, gas, colic, and relaxation.  Offered in Skidegate and Masset.

Strong Start – a Ministry of Education drop-in, play-based program for children ages 0 – 5 accompanied by a parent/caregiver.  Offered at all elementary schools.  The Sk’aadgaa Naay program takes place at the Queen Charlotte Child Centre.

Parent Child Mother Goose – for parents/caregivers and their infants and toddlers.  This ten-week oral language program teaches rhymes, songs, and stories for parents to share with their children.  Offered in all communities.

Ready Set Learn – a Ministry of Education program for parents/caregivers and their three year old children.   Offered in partnership with many on-island community services and designed to uphold and strengthen what parents are doing at home to support their child’s learning.

Welcome to Kindergarten – for parents/caregivers the their children entering Kindergarten in September.  Sessions are held in June at all elementary schools.  All families receive a resource bag of Kindergarten books and activities.

Haida Gwaii PALS (Parents as Literacy Supporters) – for parents/caregivers of Kindergarten and K/1 students; brings parents into the classroom and out on the land as active participants in their children’s learning of Haida and school-based skills.

Roots of Empathy – an international program designed for students Kindergarten to Grade 8, to promote children’s development of empathy.

Early Learning Forum – an annual day of networking and professional development for Kindergarten and Primary Teachers, School Administrators, Early Childhood Educators, and Community Service Professionals

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Janine Wilson

Early Learning Coordinator


  • Parents (Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, etc.) and children
  • Learning and play
  • Culture and curriculum
  • Families and resources
  • Home, school, and community

T: 250-559-8889