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Steps to Resolving Conflict:

The following guidelines have been developed to support respectful communication when concerns arise.  It is expected that every attempt will be made to resolve concerns at the school level; or level closest to the concern.If at any time, you need advice you can seek assistance/support in this process from:

  • School Staff
  • School District Office Staff
  • School Parent Advisory Council Chairperson
  • Haida Gwaii District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)
  • Trustees
  • Website –


Finding a resolution:

Identify the Concern

Try to resolve the concern:
  • Begin at the school level between the concerned parties.
To help you do this:
  • Focus on the student’s needs.
  • Define the real issue: What is needed and wanted?
  • Make an appointment to see the person with whom you have a concern.  Set a mutually satisfactory date and time.
  • Prepare for the meeting – make notes, plan.
  • Bring a support person if you desire (inform the person with whom you are meeting).
  • Respectfully, address your concern.
  • Together, explore possible options and select the best solution
Make a plan for resolution and success:
  • Set up an action plan with times, dates and follow-up.
Seek Assistance
  • If the issue is not resolved, or an action plan is not successful, seek assistance from the Principal after informing the other party of your intent to do so.
  • If the issue concerns the Principal and you have not had success through the initial portion of this process, contact the Superintendent of Schools at

250-559-8471 for assistance or support in resolving the issue.

If the issue remains unresolved after accessing assistance or support from the Superintendent, contact the Board of Education using the Appeal Procedure.

General Information

All concerns should be addressed. If you feel that you cannot approach the individual involved, please contact your school principal for assistance.

If you require more information please contact the School District Administration Office at 250-559-8471.  The Haida Gwaii School District believes that this Communications Protocol will aid in a respectful and mutually satisfying resolution to problems and concerns.

The Board of Education is committed to improving communications in the District.  This is an on-going process and from time to time the established protocol procedures are reviewed.  Your comments are welcomed.