Haida Gwaii Schools Board of Education


Haida Gwaii Schools Board of Education

The Board of Education of School District No. 50 (Haida Gwaii) is dedicated to assisting students, parents and staff to improve student achievement through community engagement.  The District vision is an educational system that places a high value on education, fosters excellence in all participants, supports the acheivement of their full potential and promotes a healthy learning environment that provides exposure to the diverse cultural, spiritual and social aspects of Haida Gwaii.

Roeland Denooij

  • Area 5 South:  Village of Queen Charlotte, Miller Creek, and Moresby Island
  • Community Relations, Wellness
  • Finance and Audit 
  • BC Schools Trustee’s Association (BCSTA)(Alternate)
  • Telephone:  250-637-1888
  • rdenooij@sd50.bc.ca

Dana Moraes, Vice Chair, Board Chair

  • Area 4 – Skidegate
  • Professional Development (Alternate)
  • Cultural, District Sports (Alternate)
  • Professional Development (Alternate)
  • Telephone: 250-637-1238
  • dmoraes@sd50.bc.ca

Adeana Young, Trustee, Vice Chair

  • Area 2 North: Masset and Tow Hill
  • Finance and Audit  (Alternate)
  • Haida Education Council, Local Education Agreement (Alternate)
  • Labour Management
  • BC School Trustees’ Association (BCSTA)
  • SOGI (Alternate)
  • Telephone: 205-626-7176
  • ayoung@sd50.bc.ca

Wilson Brown, Trustee

  • Area 1 Old Massett
  • Cultural, District Sports
  • Haida Education Council, Local Education Agreement
  • Telephone: 778-645-0407
  • wbrown@sd50.bc.ca

Julia Breese, Trustee

  • Area 3: Port Clements, Tlell, and Lawn Hill
  • District Parent Advisory Council
  • Professional Development
  • Community Relations, Wellness (Alternate)
  • Labour Management (Alternate)
  • SOGI
  • Telephone: 250-557-4268
  • jbreese@sd50.bc.ca