What devices will School District #50 be using for the One to One program?

10.2″ iPad Wi-Fi with 128GB of storage.  These devices all come with a Logitech Rugged Combo Case with Integrated Smart Keyboard.

Does Google G-Suite work on an iPad?

Yes.  Google’s G-Suite Apps will be pre-installed on all iPads at the request of the school.

Can I use Microsoft Word on an iPad?

Yes.  The Microsoft Suite of applications will be installed on all devices.

How will School District #50 support its staff with the new iPads?

We are working with Apple to provide a series of Pro-D events, with the first two taking place on February 26.

1. Getting Started with iPad

2. Making Content Accessible for All Learners

How is School District #50 Paying for these iPads?

Working closely with Principal of Indigenous Education Joanne Yovanovich, Skidegate Band Council, and Old Masset Village Council, we have secured the funds for a one to one deployment of devices providing our students with digital equity.

How will this program be sustainable?

The School District’s annual technology budget will be “saved” annually to facilitate a hardware refresh approximately every 7 years.

What if my child accidentally damages their iPad?

We understand that accidents happen from time to time.  Each incident will be assesed on an individual basis. 

Will MyED work on the iPad?

Yes, MyED works well using Safari on the iPad.  The Safari browser is a desktop class browser so all web based applications will work.

Will my child be bringing their device home?

Typically, the devices will be stored in secure charging cabinets in the school.  The schools may, at their discretion, send devices home when circumstances warrant.

Are there accessibility options on the iPad?

Yes.  Apple provides the School District the ability to tailor the iPads to meet a diverse range of learning needs.  For more information please visit:  https://www.apple.com/ca/accessibility/

Can my child personalize their device with stickers and other art?

No.  Adhesive may damage or otherwise cause defect to the device.  This would constitute defacing School District Property and may result in discipline.

Can my child install their own apps and games ?

No.  School District #50’s IT Department centrally manages all applications on the iPads.  Only content endorsed by School District #50 will be permitted on the iPads.