Board Chairperson Dana Moraes


The Board of Education held its annual elections at the December 15th regular Board meeting.  Nominations were called for the position of Board Chair, Vice-Chair and representatives for several Board of Education Committees.

Ms. Dana Moraes was elected to Board Chair for a first time by acclamation.  Ms. Moraes has been a trustee in Haida Gwaii since 2018 and commented that “This has been a year filled with unique challenges and unforeseen circumstances.  But throughout the year our school communities have shown resiliency and I want to thank them for the work they do each and every day for our students.”

Ms. Adeana Young was elected for a first time as Vice-Chair by acclamation and has been a trustee in Haida Gwaii since 2018.  Ms. Young says she is “very much looking forward to working alongside our Board Chair Ms. Moraes and the other trustees as the district continues to navigate the unparalleled challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.  She assures the public that focusing on student success and safety is paramount as we continue in 2021.”

Committee selections for 2021:

Finance and Audit: R. Denooij/Alternate: A. Young
Labour Management: A. Young/Alternate: J. Breese
Cultural, District Sports: W. Brown/Alternate: D. Moraes
Professional Development: J. Breese/Alternate: D. Moraes
Haida Education Council, Local Education Agreement: W. Brown/Alternate: A. Young
BC School Trustees Association: A. Young/Alternate: R. Denooij
District Parent Advisory Council: J. Breese/Alternate: D. Moraes
Community Relations, Wellness: R. Denooij/Alternate: J. Breese
SOGI: J. Breese/Alternate: A. Young