Preliminary analyses of soil samples collected at Agnes L. Mathers Elementary (ALM) School Field, property identified by PID 012-883-310 in Sandspit, BC show light extractable petroleum hydrocarbon (LEPH) contamination identified in soil and groundwater.

McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. were retained by Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) to conduct an environmental site assessment at ALM as a measure of due diligence prior to redevelopment of a portion of the site as a public library facility.  McElhanney identified two areas of potential environmental concern that require further investigation to confirm or refute the presence of contamination at the site.  Based on the depth of the contamination (19’), there is no risk of dermal contact, and negligible risk to exposure to any LEPH vapour from the identified contamination.

The Haida Gwaii Board of Education have retained McElhanney to complete a supplemental environment site assessment to confirm the extent of the LEPH contamination in soil and groundwater in order to develop a remediation plan.  This assessment will be conducted over spring break to minimize disruption to the school, any necessary remedial activities will occur during the summer months.

For further information, please contact the District Administration Office at 250-559-8471.

Posted this 8thof March, 2019

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