On January 15th at 5:30 pm, the Kids, Cops and Computer Program was launched at Tahayghen with the families of all the grade 7 students. The RCMP Foundation and Merry-Go-Round Foundation sponsored the event with a catered meal of lasagna, caesar salad, garlic bread and fruit salad prepared by Joyce Bennet. Cst. Smith, Cst. Hull and Cpl. Kienzle were in attendance with Cst. Smith and Cst. Hull donning red serge.

Principal Verena Gibbs welcomed the families of the grade 7 students and spoke a little about the Kids, Cops and Computers program having been involved in the program last year in Port Clements. Principal Gibbs informed the students and parents that the program is very exclusive with only Haida Gwaii and one school on Vancouver Island taking part this year. Cst. Smith and Cst. Hull handed out the Chrome Books to the students along with an RCMP Foundation laptop bag, thumb drive and launch envelope. Cst. Smith and Cst. Hull explained the program to the students and parents and read out the Code of Conduct.

Parents completed pre-program surveys concerning the program and students filled out model release form for the RCMP Foundation to use the photographs in promoting the program abroad. Overall the program was very well received by the families and the students were all excited to start the program, working towards the goal of owning their own Chrome Book.