Add Haida.bundle keyboard layout Require Mac OS 10.11 or higher.

  • Download keyboard layout Download Here
  • Unzip keyboard layout. Safari unzips automatically. You can find those in the downloads folder
  • The keyboard Haida.bundle.  Will look like a white lego piece.
  • In the Finder, choose Go > Computer .
  • Click Macintosh HD item, then the Library item, scroll down to find Keyboard layouts.
  • Drag the keyboard layout you saved earlier into the Keyboard layouts folder.
  • Log off the computer or restart you computer.
  • Open System PreferencesKeyboard > input Sources . Click the +icon.
  • Scroll down to Other.
  • Select Haida. Click the add
  • Ensure there is a check box beside ☑️ Show Input menu in menu bar
  • Should see a flag now at the top corner of your screen close to the clock. Click it and select Haida

Instructions on how to use keyboard Layout Download Here