Board Policy Manual

Part A: Board

A.1 – Aims

A.2 – Board Governance


A.2.2 – Annual Board Schedule

A.2.3 – Role of Trustee

A.2.4 – Role of Chair_Vice-Chair

A.3 – Board Staff Relationships

A.4 – Executive Limitations

A.5 – Recruitment and Selection of Staff

A.6 – Records Management

A.6.1 – Records Retention Schedule

Part B: Finance

B.1 – Budget Process Direction

B.2 – Purchasing

B.2.1 – Purchase Orders

B.2.2 – Petty Cash


B.3 – School District Credit Cards

B.4 – Banking – General Operating Account

B.6 – School Funds

B.8 – Board Signature Plate

B.9 – Travel Expense:Reimbursement

B.10 – Moving Assistance for Staff

B.11 – Disposal of Assets

B.12 – Student Fees

B.13 Accumulated Operating Surplus

B14. Fund Raising in Schools

B15. External Funding Through Donations or Partnerships (1)

B16. Finance and Audit Committee Policy

Part C: Schools

C.1 – Learning Assistance

C.2 – Board Authority Authorized Courses

C.3 – Locally Developed Courses

C.4 – Locally Recommended Learning Resources

C.5 – Strong Start Early Learning Centres

C.6 – French Immersion

C.7 – District Sports Program

C.8 – School Closure

C.9 – Electronic Technology Systems Use

Part D: Students

D.1 – Student Code of Conduct

D.1.1 – Student Suspensions

D.2 – Travelling on School Buses

D.2.1 – School Bus Report Form

D.4 – Field Trips

D.4.1 – Student Activity Parent Request Form

D.4.2 – Higher Risk Field Trip Form

D.4.3 – Field Trip Application

D.5 – Graduation

D.6 – District Scholarship and Award


D.7 – Sexual Orientation

D.8 – Student Records

D.9 – Student Exit Survey

D.9.1 – Student Exit Survey Form

D.10 – Challenge for Credit

D.10.1 – Challenge for Credit Process for Approval

D.10.2 – Checklist for Course Challenge

D.11 – Equivalency Policy

D.12 – Substance Abuse

D.13 – Student Work Experience

Part E: Employee

E.1 – Employment Equity

E.2 – Background Checks on Applicants

E.3 – Standards of Employee Conduct

E.3.1 – Progressive Discipline

E.4 – Coaches and Sponsors of Extra Curricular and Co-curricular Activities

E.5 – Non-certified Teacher Replacements

E.7 – Emergency Community Service Leave

E.8 – Retirement

E.9 – Exit Survey for Employees

E.9.1 – Exit-Survey-For-Employees-Form

E.10 – Personnel Evaluations

E.10.1 – Employee Evaluation Form


E.11.1 – Declaration of Personal Property (In-District Use)

E.12 Electronic Technology Systems Use

E.13 Whistleblower Protection

Part F: Haida Culture

F.1 – Cultural Committee

F.2 – Haida Language Orthography

F.3 – Chiefs Funeral Recognition

Part G: Community

G.1 – Appeal Procedure

G.2 – Community Resource People

G.2.1 – Application for Access to School Programs

G.3 – Volunteers

G.3.1 – Volunteer Application

G.3.2 – Volunteer Driver Application

G.4 – Utiization of Properties by General Public

G.4.1 Application for Rental Use of School Facilities

G.5 – Child Care Facility

G.6 – Transportation of Students



G.6.3-Transportation Assistance Regulation Form

Part H: Safety

H.1 – Student Injury and First Aid

H.1.1 – First Aid Medical Room Supplies

H.2 – Child Abuse Reporting

H.3 – Suicide Intervention

H.4 – Allergic Reaction – Anaphylaxis

H.5 – Administration of Prescribed Medication to Students

H.5.1 – Request and Release for Administration of Medication

H.5.2- Administration of Prescribed Medication to Students Form

H.6 – Access and Security

H.7 – District Health and Safety Program

H.8 – Reporting Employee Accidents

H.9 – Emergency Response Plan

H.10 – Employees Working Alone or in Insolation

H.10.1 – Violent Incident Report

H.11 – Threat and Risk Assessment

H.11.1 – Student Threat Assessment, Screening and Reporting

H12 Workplace Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment