Approved Motions

2018 / 2019 Approved Motions

DateArticle Number and Title.Motion NumberApproved MotionsAction
23-Apr-194. Approval of the AgendaR19042301Approve the agenda as circulated.Carried
23-Apr-195. Approval of the Minutes of the Prior Meeting and Receipt of Records of Closed MeetingsR19042302Approve the April 2, 2019 minutes as presented.Carried
23-Apr-198.1 Special Advisor ReportR19042303Accept the Interim Superintendent recommendation to request the Minister of Education extend Special Advisor Piet LangstraatÕs appointment to the district for as long as possible.Carried
23-Apr-198.2 March 2019 Turstee Expenditure ReportR19042304Receive and file the March 2019 Trustee Expenditure Report.Carried
23-Apr-199.2 Transportation PolicyR19042305Direct staff to draft amendments to the Transportation Policies to present at the May 2019 Board meeting.Carried
23-Apr-1910.1 March 2019 Finance VouchersR19042306Receive and file the March 2019 Financial Vouchers.Carried
23-Apr-1910.3 2019/2020 Preliminary BudgetR19042307Adopts that Annual Budget bylaw for fiscal year 2019/2020 in the amount of $13,213639 be given first reading.Carried; Abstention W. Brown
23-Apr-1910.4 Field Trip ApplicationsR19042308Approve SkÕaadgaa Naay Elementary SchoolÕs field trip application to travel to Mount Moresby Adventure Camp.Carried
23-Apr-19R19042309Approve Gidgalang Kuuyaas Naay Secondary SchoolÕs 2019 Graduation field trip application.Carried
23-Apr-1910.5 Ratify External Funding Poll VoteR19042310Ratify the poll vote to approve Gudangaay TlaatsÕgaa Naay Secondary School to accept a $2,500 donation by North Arm Transportation Ltd to purchase sport jerseys and print the company logo on these jerseys.Carried
23-Apr-1913 AdjournmentR19042311Adjourns the Regular Board meeting at 1733 hours.Carried
02-Apr-194. Approval of AgendaR19040201Approve the agenda as circulated with the following additons: 9.3 External Facilitation Support; 10.9 Field Trip Applications;Carried
02-Apr-195. Approval of the Minutes of the Prior Meeting and Receipt of Records of Closed MeetingsR19040202Approve the February 29, 2019 Regular Board meeting minutes with amendment to 9.2 Funding Model Review: a sub-committee will be formed for the funding model review as discussed by Trustees to establish recommendations.Carried
02-Apr-196.2 Human Rights TribunalR19040203Direct the Interim Superintendent to work with CUPE and the Haida Gwaii TeachersÕ Association to request an exemption from lay-off language within Collective Agreements regarding newly hired staff of Haida ancestry.Carried
02-Apr-196.5 2019/2020 CalendarR19040204Adopt the 2019/2020 Calendar as presented.Carried
02-Apr-196.6 Transportation Policy ReviewR19040205Develop a sub-committee to review the current Transportation and Transportation Assistance policies and make recommendations for any changes.Carried
02-Apr-199.3 External Facilitation SupportR19040206Direct the Secretary Treasurer and Special Advisor to find a facilitator to work with the Board to help with training related to financial health and budgeting.Carried
02-Apr-1910.1 February 2019 Finance VouchersR19040207Receive and file the February 2019 Financial Vouchers.Carried
02-Apr-1910.2 February 2019 Trustee Expenditure ReportR19040208Receive and file the February 2019 Expenditure Report.Carried
02-Apr-1910.6 2019/2020 Capital Plan By-LawR19040209Adopt Capital Plan Bylaw 2019/2020-CPSD50-01 be given first reading.Carried
02-Apr-1910.9 Field Trip ApplictionsR19040213Approve the field trip application from SkÕaadgaa Naay Elementary for a trip to Vancouver.Carried
02-Apr-1913. AdjournmentR19040216Adjourn the Regular Board meeting at 1943 hours.Carried
R19040210Adopts Capital Plan Bylaw 2019/2020-CPSD50-01 be given 2nd reading.Carried
R19040211Give unanimous consent to read Capital Plan Bylaw 2019/2020-CPSD50-01 a third time of the current board meeting.Carried
R19040212Adopts that Capital Plan Bylaw 2019/2020-CPSD50-01 be given 3rd final and reading.Carried
R19040214Approve the field trip application from SkÕaadgaa Naay Elementary for Seafood Harvesting.Carried
R19040215Approve the field trip application from Gudangaay TlaatsÕgaa Naay Secondary for Seafood Harvesting.Carried