2019 School Trustee By-Election

Trustee By-Election News

Update April 8, 2019:

Chief Election Officer Duncan White has extended the nomination period for Electoral Area 2: North By-Election to close April 8, 2019 at 4:00 PM according to Section 97 of the Local Government Act.

Please note that Area 2 : NORTH includes Village of Masset / Tow Hill/  Nadu, etc
However, Area 2: NORTH  does not include Old Massett or New Town

Any qualified elector of BC may run, but the nominators must be qualified electors residing in Area 2: NORTH

If using this file package, please print SINGLE SIDED…
Printed copies available at Village of Masset Office
and School District Office (Queen Charlotte)

The Resignation of the School Trustee for Area 2: NORTH requires School District 50 to commence a By-Election process to fill the vacated position on the Board of Education for SD#50: Haida Gwaii.  In the event an election poll is required, only electors of Area 2: NORTH will be eligible to vote.

Area 2: NORTH includes almost all the area north of the Islands Solid Waste Landfill on Highway 16, except for Old Massett Village and New Town.

However, a qualified BC voter does not have to reside in Area 2: NORTH to run as a trustee candidate.